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This was good!

Have you ever read Kindred by Octavia Butler? I'd love to hear you explain why the prose was so off-putting to me for the first hundred pages and then suddenly really compelling.

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The wall will fall to the wind as the windy hill

will fall, and all things thought in former times:

Nothing made remains, nor man remembers

And these towns shall be called the shining towns!

has been imprinted in my brain for about 15 years, though, given when I read it, I'm surprised that the hot dark whalecocks, with or without the mere's luminous green, didn't worm their way deeper into my memory. Have you read much else by Gardner? I read this and liked it, then read On Moral Fiction and was turned off by the approach he espoused there so never read anything else of his, but that was almost certainly unfair of me.

I'd be interested in your thoughts about the space between craft advice and novelistic practice that you bring up a bit here, maybe in a future Q&A post.

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