Dec 25, 2020Liked by Connor Wroe Southard

Calvin on twitter would either be an inveterate post-through-it-all victim of endless dunkings, or somebody who'd sworn off the site 5 years ago after a mild controversy and now writes blogs where he mentions his 'former social media addiction' regularly. I struggle to imagine him having a healthy relationship with it. Maybe most optimistically he'd be somebody content to log off and keep to himself, like Watterson, but I have my doubts.

'[H]aving fun and writing exactly what you feel needs to be written' doesn't sound easy, but it does sound like a worthwhile goal in writing fiction, and it's an interesting juxtaposition when what you feel needs to be written isn't something we'd ordinarily think of as fun. I suppose that's how you avoid making it a piece of misery tourism, or the pornography of pain. I think you've done your job here, if the aim of this blog was to sell somebody (me) on the book; I'll be sure to check it out when next I make it to a book store.

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