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According to the two Mishima biographies I've read, he was very nearly a teetotaler.

"The next day, [Tennessee Williams] recalled, Mishima telephoned him and said “Tennessee, you know I really like you, but you really shouldn’t drink so much,” an unsurprising comment from a novelist who is reputed to have gotten drunk only once in his adult life."

(Here's the source for that quote, on the top of page 52: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/271297479_Yukio_Mishima_the_Unambiguous_and_Myself_Living_through_a_Writer's_Legacy )

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If Mishima were the type of dude to relax with an ice-cold brew, it's fair to assume said brew would be the ones you mentioned. It's not your fault that he was a different type of dude altogether. But he likely would have chosen a Japanese beer over foreign imports for let's say ideological reasons, so if you really wanted to approximate his habits (maybe not the best idea) you should probably become a hardcore partisan for, say, Melvin Brewing.

I enjoy these kinda insouciant peaks behind the curtain.

I think it's fair to include this comic in the arc; the previous strip gave us a deadline, and this shows how Calvin's spending at least part of the week he has left to procrastinate. In keeping with most of the arc so far it's just completely normal Calvin stuff. There's a lot of great visceral motion stuff, and expression work, in this strip.

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Is there a maxim (or perhaps a series of maxims; Vonnegut's famed list immediately comes to mind) on writing that you ascribe to for fiction? And a follow-up question: On the flip side, are there writing maxims that you consider to be complete and total dross?

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Having just printed and read through 145 mediocre pages of my manuscript with pen in hand, this was deeply appreciated.

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What is your process for starting to write a novel?

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